A populaça ou: o fim do Estado hegeliano


  • Frank Ruda University of Dundee


This article reconstructs and analyses the contraposition of Hegel’s depiction of the justifiable indignation of the rabble [Pöbel] and what he conceived as the main source of legitimacy of the modern state. Different from other lines of interpretations that defend, by one side, that Hegel treated the problem of the rabble. in a rather cynical or indifferent way or, by the other, that, given the principles of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right, the rabble could be superseded in the in the corporations or the State, it will be argued that Hegel’s rabble reveals, even if Hegel himself is not fully acquainted, the necessity of superseding the principles from where the modern state draws its legitimacy. Hegel’s concept of the modern state was already the apprehension of a disappearing figure.