A recepção da dialética para Marx


  • Maria Cristina Longo Cardoso Dias Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)


The paper attempts to demonstrate in which way Marx received the concept of dialectic developed by Hegel. To what extent does the concept in Marx's terms has Hegelian traits and to what extent is Marx's concept away from it? According to Marx, dialectic is a capitalist characteristic, since this mode of production is composed of innumerable sharp contradictions. Although Marx admitted Hegel was one of the first to understand the general forms of dialectical movement, for the author, it would be “upside down” in terms explained by Hegel. In this way, Marx explores what it would mean to untap hegelian dialectic, in order to apprehend the movement of the real, as a way of understanding capitalist mode of production as essentially contradictory. The overcoming of capitalist mode of production could only come through a communist revolution capable of establishing a rational and conscious society without capitalist contradictions.