A lógica do reconhecimento e o reconhecimento da lógica: de Honneth a Hegel

José Pertille


ABSTRACT: This paper intends to address three interrelated issues. Firstly, it will present Axel Honneth’s account of the Hegelian philosophy in the context of recent interpretations that establish the so-called ‘non-metaphysical’ Hegel. Secondly, it will deal with the concepts of recognition and ethical life which are at the core of Honneth’s hermeneutic intentions, in the light of his principles of presentification and actualization of the Hegelian doctrine. Lastly, it will ascertain the sense in which the process of recognition entails, for Hegel, a logical-metaphysical movement. This movement may be understood as a process taken in the sense of logos, i.e., discourse that institutes the meaning of being or, more accurately, the meanings of coming-to-be.

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