Call for papers: "Hegel's political philosophy: new directions"

The philosophical tradition has all too often regarded Hegel's political works, especially those of his mature period such as The Philosophy of Right, as a “dead dog”. More recently, however, and as a result of the soon to be completed critical edition of his texts, especially of the many Vorlesungsnachschriften, a vigorously growing bibliography indicates that deep changes are taking place: the question “back to Hegel?” seems increasingly to be heard from numerous corners.


Not too long ago, interest in Hegel’s political texts seemed to be confined to Hegel specialists, or else reconfigured by attempts to save the “young Hegel” from the supposedly overswollen idea of State espoused by the “mature” one. But during the last two decades or so different philosophical traditions (such as pragmatism, republicanism and the last phase of Critical Theory) as well as researchers from several disciplines (economy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, science of law, etc.) have begun to approach Hegel's philosophy in the search of conceptual resources with which to generate new, critical perspectives on the present circumstances.


Perhaps it is no exaggeration, therefore, to claim that Hegel’s political philosophy has become the object of a kind of attention comparable only to the time when “Young” and “Old” Hegelians disputed its legacy – now relieved, however, of the discussion frames which burdened that first reception, such as the question of the supposed rehabilitation of pre-critical metaphysics, the supposed justification of the Prussian State, the debate concerning the overcoming of religion and of philosophy itself. Current Hegel interpretations seek rather to signal a paradigm-change favouring all that is uncompromising, fruitful, and open in Hegel's thinking, such as the almost aporetical character given to civil-society dynamics, the notion of social freedom in which individuality is not at all to be sacrificed in relationship to totality, or the re-interpretation of philosophy of history relieved of all determinism.


Thus, in order to express, comprehend and problematise the present moment within the political frame of Hegel-Interpretations we propose this Call for Papers: send us a contribution by July 30th, 2018. Below a (non exclusive) thematic list:




  • Hegel’s idea of State and the critique of political reality
  • History of Freedom, history of Right
  • Modern theories of political representation and sovereignty
  • Hegel between Sturm und Drang und Saint-Simon
  • The social-political question within Vormärz and the many Hegelianisms
  • Hegel, Marx and the dialectical tradition
  • Hegel’s political philosophy and Pragmatism
  • Social liberty, Republicanism, Communitarism
  • Critical theory and recognition
  • Market, Civil-society, political economy (in the young and the old Hegel)
  • Critical-editions of the many Berlin lectures and the newest interpretations
  • Hegel within (or without) cosmopolitanism, postcolonialism, feminism
  • Brazilian (Latinamerican) receptions of Hegel
  • Anthropology, Second Nature, Sittlichkeit and politics in Hegel